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Detailed introduce about two of the top 5 players in NFL 17

From many aspects, we can find that the changes in NFL 17 this year is similar with FIFA 17. They all changed the game in more aspects such as operation and game experience. And in the game mode, NFL 17 has also some changes. Weekly Updates with Madden Ultimate Team. Every game of the series of NFL in the past owned a core, such as the core of  NFL15 is defense. EA has suggested, NFL 17 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions will contain three parts: offense, defense and speccial teams. But we have no idea about whether if NFL 17 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version will have such a treatment. 
In the part of offense, players can control players to offense with ball. On the other hand, EA announced that they would shift their focus from maintaining and supporting the Franchise Mode website in favor of developing a Native Mobile Companion App. At launch of Madden NFL 17, there will not be a Franchise Mode website for you to go to and interact with your league. Apart from these, here we will bring you the 5 Players to keep an eye on in Madden NFL 17.
Here we will introduce Frank and Eric detailedly for you. The reigning Madden Champion is back for more in Madden NFL 17 and Stiff must be ready because everyone will want their shot at the champ during the upcoming season. Stiff and his crew from Madden Daily will continue their grind and no matter what happens, he will bring his aggressive style of play to compete for his share of the 1 million dollars. With a combination of emotion, passion and skill, Stiff is one of the most exciting players to watch in Madden 17. 
The greatest of all time returns to Madden NFL 17 with a chip on Eric’s shoulder after a loss in the Madden Championship finals. As the leader of “The Movement”, Problem has developed one of the toughest groups of players to compete against to prepare for tournaments. This group works together, practicing and fine turning their games leading up to the tournaments and it almost always leaves them prepared to dominate the competition. Look for Problem and his dominant ground attack to make a run for his share of the 1 million dollars.