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Descriptions of possible features of Madden NFL18 :Improvements of System and Operations

Madden NFL series are published annually according to the customs. So it is unquestionably that Madden NFL 18 is going to be released around this August for  PS3,PS4Xbox One and Xbox 360. We made a comparison between Madden NFL 17 and Madden NFL 16 and we are able to describe the changes Madden NFL 18 probably will make.

Some net citizens have ever complained about the shortcomings in the distribution system set for blocking the gaps. They said usually it was useless and just like the decorations. Madden NFL 18 will focus on the problem if it hopes to develop. Players will enjoy themselves in the improved ones for they can perfectly shield their teammates. And publishers of EA will take actions to add new introductions and assistance to players to defend them against threat of approached opponents, especially in the Head to Head Mode.The more intelligent AI is hopeful to promote the contact within the team. Players might quickly discover their teammates in need.

Madden NFL 18-defense

In Madden NFL 17 you are to be blame for losing the ball when you fail to pass it to another footballer. However, most of time it is not your fault because the designed method for passing is not friendly to someone that is not expert in operating. So Madden NFL18 is expected to simplify the pattern. Meanwhile, if you is knocked down by your opponents, the counteract effect will serve as a period of buffering for you to break through. What’s more ,the path assistant system will also further make operations more easy for you to handle.As we all know, the main modes of Madden 17 are with Ultimate Team and Draft Champions. They have a lot of fans to chase after them.In terms of profits, EA Sports won’t abandon them.On the other hand, they will have a brainstorm with some creative changes .

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