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Cross the Threshold of Madden NFL 18 and Football Rules

Although Rugby is slightly different from American football, they shares approximate same rules for gameplay, after all they are a pair of brother long long ago. British and American seldom have adult don’t know rules of football, even for women. But people outside the two countries often get confused about the rules and fools of this sports due to the lack tournament outside from those two kingdoms. It doesn’t matter.
We are glad to tell you're the difference between rugby and football here and help you to learn how to play this sports both on pitch and on consoles’ Madden NFL 18. This essay will be split into three part: the introduction, the rules, and the fools & difference. If you’ve already know the rules or characteristics about the game, you can jump to the end of this passage for cheap Madden 18 Coins too.

First of all, I’d like to stress again that the sports is the most popular one in America without any competitor, any! No matter basket, soccer, tennis, and needless to say the ice hockey, football players possess highest income and fame than any other sports. It’s said that someone who show some talent in running, or physical strength or enough height and muscle will be selected into football team. Or some athletics had transferred from track and field to football just due to the salary.

How to score in football? And in Madden NFL 18?
American football scoring methods can be concluded as the major three ways: Touchdown, Field Goal, and Safety.
Touchdown: players carry the ball to the end zone, or receive pass in the end zone to make a touchdown. Add 6 points. After that, the scoring team can choose to initial an extra offense by organize an offense from 2 yard line for 2 points or make a kickoff at 15 yard for 1 point.
Kickoff: A special kicker kick off the ball which was placed at 30 yard line forward opponent’s end zone’s goal, if success the offensive side will win 3 points.

Safety: The offense was tackled down by defender, the defender will win 2 points.
How to push forward for a touchdown score?
In order to make a touchdown and score the highest points by one turn, there’re two ways to do that, to pass the ball or run the ball. The times of pass back forward has no limitation, which the pass forward can be only down once for one offense.

Additional Rules of Football and Madden 18
Offensive side has for times opportunities to make offense, once push yards reaches 10 yard, they can gain more 4 chance of offense. If offensive side has no confidence of fulfill the 10 yard reward, they can choose to give up the ball to opponent in case of a close counter attack.
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