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Avoid Scams of Unlimited and Free Madden NFL 17 Coins

Recently, some mercenary websites promised players an account for gaining unlimited Madden NFL 17 coins. It is sly for them to make full use of players’ desire for coins. Actually, they lack the ability to provide you with free and unlimited coins on the one hand and they have some other wicked aims on the other hand. So you need to be careful with your account.Here I will list some tricks of them in order that you make a wiser choice of your money.

Madden NFL 17

Avoid Filling in a Survey Containing Too Much Personal Information
Usually scammers will set a trap in advance.Once you believe them at first, you will be gradually trapped in the jugglery. They will ask you to do a survey and you must leave your information to them. And you are driven by the desire and just do step by step. Then some hackers hired by them are able to know more about you. Even your online bank account would get into danger if your email address was given away.Don’t take it for a joke.Please be cautious of your privacy.

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Keep Well Your User ID
If a man contacts you directly and actively, it is a sign that you must take care it. He tells you that he will help you to gain unlimited coins for free and requires your user ID. There are possibly two reasons for it. One is that he is just cheating you for your money. Another is that he is also a player of the game and hopes to steal your best footballers in order to construct his Madden Ultimate Team .
Choose a Reliable Website
There is an enormous market for Madden coins which results a large quantities of websites. It is difficult to choose a proper one sometimes. Then you can look for some comments of those websites or ask veterans for recommendations.
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