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A tiered system make NFL 17 more complex

Madden NFL 17 is an American football sports video game based on the National Football League and published by EA Sports for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Closer to All the Action. The new EA SPORTS Pylon camera will allow you to experience the game like never seen before. Get closer to the moments you care about most, with new speed ramping camera angles and game intros, that bring more excitement to the game. It’s similar with EA’s great work FIFA 17, FIFA 17 contributes to make you control the ball free. And NFL 17 also improve the game experience with the new speed ramping camera.
 EA has announced that NFL 17 will have s lot of new changes and features which is different from the previous version. Each NFL series has a core, for example, the core of NFL 15 is the defense. And EA said that NFL 17 in Xbox One and PS4 version will include three parts: offese, defense and special teams. At present, we do not know that if NFL 17 in Xbox 360 and PS3 has the same configuration.
In the offense section, the player can control the player with the ball attack. "We've introduced a tiered system in the game where each player's attributes, speed and position determine how they can play on the pitch," EA explained in a blog twitter, "In the NFL 17 arena, both has the burly such as the chariot rolling over the brawny, but also agile is good at using the fake little man."
But this interesting setting also makes "NFL 17" the game becomes more complex. In order to allow players to successfully get started, EA has also specifically added some prompt language to guide the player how to operate. In addition, there is a new option called Path Assist which provides advice during the player's control of a character's movement. If the player chooses a lower level of difficulty, the player-controlled portion reduced accordingly, and the game will automatically help you choose the right location and action.
And now it’s the season for sports game. FIFA 17, NBA 2K17, PES 2017 and NFL 17 is all released recently. And IGN has ranked three games. EA is adept in developing sports game and FIFA series has kept popular. FIFA 17 is at 8.4. And IGN gives Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 high assessment of 9.5. And this time, IGN gives NBA 2K17 high assessment of 8.9. IGN awarded Madden 17 an 8.6/10. They praised the improved franchise mode and defense, but was disappointed in the game's commentary.