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A dynamic presentation was delivered in Madden NFL 15

Once you’ve ran through the opening moment you’ll be introduced to the new tutorial section called the Skills Trainer. While Madden is all about Madden NFL 15 simulation, the developer went out of their way to create a system that not only teaches you how to control the game, but it also teaches some basic football concepts on both sides of the ball. These training tools can help you learn to read offenses and defenses like a pro if you’ll let them. One of the reasons QB’s like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady excel at their positions is their ability to read a defense. Utilizing a hard count, one can see what the defense is going to do before they do it, and then adjust accordingly. Is that a left outside blitz coming? Use your controller to shift your offensive line to better contain it, and maybe audible for a quick slant.
Madden wants you to know all about this things and created a robust and intuitive skills trainer just for that reason. Tackling is also updated in Madden NFL 15. When the ball carrier is within range of a tackle, a cone appears that shows you the effective range of a conservative tackle or an aggressive tackle. This helps you know whether to go all out or simply try to make contact. The right thumb stick still functions as the hit stick for a directed tackle, while the Square button makes an aggressive move. I found the tackling cone helpful as I got used to the new game. After a while, I started nailing ball carriers without even noticing the cone. Madden NFL 15 is a simulation experience that aims to capture all the nuances and possibilities of American football with a high degree of realism and with a set of game mechanics that allow players to recreate real world moments and to develop their own fantasy scenarios. For this year’s installment, the focus is on defensive features because EA Sports wants to make sure that there is a clear equilibrium between the two elements of the sport, with the studio drawing inspiration from the previous season of the NFL and the way the Super Bowl played out.

The commentary team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms is back, but the play-by-play is still the worst in sports gaming. Simms rambles on irrelevantly and the team has no sense of urgency, even during the Super Bowl. This is offset by an impressive pre-game and halftime show led by Larry Ridley. Before games, he calls attention to matchups to watch and he runs through highlights at halftime. Combined with broadcast-quality cutscenes and replays between plays, Madden 15 delivers a dynamic presentation. With a Coach Stick that provides genuinely useful information about offensive match-ups, Madden NFL 15 gives inexperienced players all the tools to succeed, without dumbing down to long-term fans. The main criticism of the attacking game is that passes seem unusually difficult to complete, even on the Rookie setting. Defending is also much more engaging than it used to be, thanks to a dedicated fixed camera that follows your chosen player, as well as a series of button prompts and tackling aids.
The Item Binder is a one-stop place to organize everything you own. No longer is there a distinction between your current lineup, a reserve pile, and pending collections. In the Binder you can compare players against each other, see if players are eligible for any collections (more on that later), auction/trade players, quick sell them, make them a starter in your lineup, and add contracts. I asked why card management hadn't been simplified sooner, and Alread explained that the old structure was previously necessary because of how the game's back end was technically structured. Once you're ready to prepare your set, follow the on-screen instructions, but make sure you keep a steady eye on Progress. You'll want to see how well your team is doing, as well as any rewards you unlock along the way. It's easy to keep track of this with Madden 15's interface, although that should never stop you from tinkering with your current Set, or maybe even creating a new one. In addition to providing important boosts for your players, chemistry is a requirement for the Elite series of solo challenges. For example, the first challenge in the sequence requires Run Stuff chemistry.
In addition, don't forget your runner's abilities. The turbo button is useful, but don't waste it when fighting clusters of players, as you'll tire out and collapse. Instead, use basic speed to break away, and save the burst for heading into the end zone. Also, don't be afraid to stiff-arm a player or two to make your own opening, and spinning can make a difference when someone charges in from the side. Finally, don't forget the dive. This tactic allows you to make a run for the end zone, even if your body can't cross the entire goal line. The idea is to get the ball to make progress, and not necessarily your player. Make sure it's in your progression, but don't hesitate to dive into a group for the six-point conversion.